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best drip coffee, espresso, French press or other

best drip coffee, espresso, French press or other

There are various types of coffee machines on the market today. They come in styles, colors and products. Choose one that you can compensate for the perfect cup of coffee to be confusing and time consuming! Because I recently bought a coffee machine, I think I'll write about what I learned in researching and shopping have to help me change my decision. I will take through the steps ร ข get me before choosing my own coffee machine.

Choose how to cook

Great way to make coffee, at least in the U.S., drops of coffee. It's fast, easy. Pour only the amount of f ล ต want, drop in filter, coffee measure, close lid and press the information button. In just a few minutes รด housing steaming pot of coffee waiting, sitting in ร ข t fire to keep warm.

Better, right? Sure, but he poured a cup of coffee from drip coffee has been in ร ข t fire for 20 minutes or more? It is almost undrinkable. Before I knew much about the coffee that is used to add cream and sugar in two cups of late to make it tasty. I learned that because of the conductive plate of coffee, if you want a drip coffee maker for coffee dripping into glass jars and insulation to keep warm. Coffee does not burn, and also can take a glass in the living room or office.

Coffee drips

Drip coffee machines require regular maintenance, especially if you live in areas with hard water ร ข. Once the plan during the collapse damaged a boat and รก filter allowing beans fall into pan. But drops of coffee and a few simple tasks, including system timer that can be fresh pot of coffee waiting for you when you woke up the morning. In fact dripping with built-in coffee Coffee Mill.

If you decide to buy a coffee, make sure you get a pitcher instead of glass bottles and get the best machine you can afford.


You can also think of Brewer. There are two types, one of which is heated oven and electric models. The coffee machine has been around since the 19th century and works by using heat to implement e ล ต r tube and mesh bag of coffee. You can use a filter, if you want, but no protest to make the coffee taste different.

Beware of coffee, however. Cheaper model to allow heat รก ล ต ure electric range, coffee roasting. Kitchen manufacturers easily get hot enough to heat coffee if you do not see at all. Good coffee machine when you get a lot of people collect empty pot.

French newspapers

The coffee machine is a little cheaper, and also make a cup of coffee is really delicious. This includes, crystal mesh filter and assembly. It's simple: put enough coffee in the cup of the cup and pour hot water over e ล ต. Turn over and let sit for a few minutes to get a taste of the earth. Then put the lid and the filter and plunger, and slowly push the plunger. Implementation is the key factor, making a cup of coffee taste, odor, making your day!

Newspapers in France may be limited ร ข $ 15.10 and is an excellent choice for someone who wants a cup of coffee at a time. They are easy to clean, just rinse and let dry. If you choose this method of making coffee, spend less and get good crystal quality is not easily broken.

Moka pot

This is a bit of steel or aluminum and has two main parts, e ล ต along the bottom pan and prepare the ship, where coffee is made. This forces e ล ต coffee area of ​​low pressure, a bit like the espresso machine. In fact, often called a kitchen pot.

Although the Italian coffee machine makes a good cup of burnt coffee when it comes to cleaning. There are some areas that need to be washed and dried. However, the coffee quality and taste amazing when you have the right and smash the right size of beans. experiment a little and easy hanging.

Espresso Machines

Espresso Machines for use outside the reach of most people, but growing technologies and manufacturing processes are noticeably lower sales prices and more efficient machine. You can get espresso machine U.S. $ 100-1000 U.S. dollars partners.

Great espresso coffee machines for the delivery or preparation of a large coffee drinks such as latte. important feature you want to compare the weight bar, as it will determine how good the coffee.

Still worried?

Personally, I prefer French newspaper. I used to get coffee, and still do, but I have not used since I went to press. taste and quality of coffee. I am not willing to spend a few minutes extra in my coffee French press tastes good like! changes suntingan


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