Saturday, April 14, 2012

This travel mug of coffee makes my day!

This travel mug of coffee makes my day!

My daughter gave me a cup of coffee on my birthday. He knew how much I want a clean cup of coffee, my home or office. He also knows that it can save a lot, and I do not like wasting time or money. He who heard to complain that I lost a lot, and because of my love for fresh cup of coffee.

It is very economical in use. Usually I had to make a pot of coffee every morning, so I can get a cup of coffee to start a new day. coffee sitting on a plate burner sit there for hours. the boat is empty, not fresh coffee. In fact, it is far too bitter to drink. Iron deficiency will pour down like throwing money away.

Expensive to buy the cup away from home. Like many others, I do not follow trends and buy a large specialty coffee every morning to go to work. I buy one more to go on my lunch. When I get some of my last days at home. I do not know how much I had before to kick the habit. Suddenly there was a lot of extra money for other things.

drink near the part of my job. Employees can pour a cup of coffee as a contribution to fund efforts to cover the cost of coffee filters, sugar, milk, plastic spoon and used again. Come on, be honest. Some of my colleagues are free to help themselves, what is there, but do not have to give the economic cost. Some pay more than its value, and only one or two cups during the day. When making a cup of coffee on the way to work with me, I need to support others behaviors.

There are also questions about the cleaning should be avoided. In general, keeping the same number of people to make coffee, keep the area clean and wash your coffee machine losses at the end of the day. Even at home, looks like a regular job is appreciated. No coffee maker travel clutter. Just drag the membrane filter, pour cold water on earth, and the perfect cup of coffee. In step one, remove the filter, clean the cone and quickly clean up spills. It's easy!

I admit it was wrong pretty quickly. Equipment can be beat. Can I get another cup of hot brewed coffee anytime, anywhere. When I get my coffee at home, I'll take a few minutes to clean a travel mug of coffee and come to me. I have a special tote bag to carry with me. I do not like without him. It is inexpensive, simple, portable, and makes my coffee break very relaxed. My daughter has received attention. Allocating the morrow, so you can keep the house and other transportation. As I said, my son!

Get your own coffee cup for a trip to the day of birth. It is inexpensive, simple, portable, and really make my coffee break relajante. suntingan golygiadau


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