Saturday, April 14, 2012

Energy efficient coffee producers

Energy efficient coffee producers

When it comes to coffee, spent a great power to surprise. Even Consumer Reports do not indicate the use of Energy Star coffee, for other ways to meet their consumption of electricity. View of energy consumption before buying. cost of energy consumption due to the number of watts for use in an hour.

Reduce coffee and low voltages between 650 watts and 975 watts per hour. equivalent of 20 watts and 32.5 watts to two minutes. Most of them are responsible for a cup of regular beer mug or bottle.

Medium Voltage Products programmable coffee makers, including those who use between 1000 and 1200 watts per hour. This is equivalent to 34 watts and 40 watts every two minutes preparation time. Programmable Timer is used about 10 watts per hour continuously added, add an additional 240 watts daily use. This sunny little coffee and keeping coffee warm for two hours when he scored directly. This oven is used as food or alcohol-free coffee 20 to 25 watts per hour. With 25 watts per hour, using 50 watts of energy each time the oven will be used for two hours.

super automatic coffee machine electronic world, who were dissatisfied with temperatures up to 5850 watts and a beer now. Coffee made in two minutes and the computer uses 195 watts for two minutes. Off-pump machine one 800 watt super-automatic espresso ground is a big difference in the number of watts used per hour. There was no difference in energy consumption varies according to the espresso machine.

French to use hot water for coffee machine instead of banks. More and more intense French newspaper that look like energy efficiency, but the kettle used to boil water used from 1000 to 1800 watts. There are a lot stronger than regular coffee. 1800 watts can be fast, but within two minutes of your time available for 60 watts, 800 watts, while coffee only uses about 27 watts for the same period. Using electrical energy consumption in the kitchen over coffee kettles, but under the kettle. modern electric stove burner with 1400 watts per hour and takes two minutes for hot water throughout. This means that the recorder uses about 47 watts for two minutes.

Coffee and tea kettle has a different time to prepare. I use these two minutes to compare the differences in the use of more open. Additionally, electric tea kettle, because they have become very popular to make instant coffee and French press.

owner of the kettle for coffee and tea in the United States generally use energy when considering the purchase of these products. If energy costs, concerns about energy use strict. That's when coffee drinkers may be more involved in the purchase of energy efficient market coffee. Also require more energy-efficient products eficientes. golygiadau suntingan


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