Saturday, April 14, 2012

For a taste of the espresso machine

For a taste of the espresso machine

One aspect of coffee or espresso is being careful to develop the ability to measure and evaluate after roasting and grinding coffee. The coffee industry is called acquisition. Espresso machines that must be cooked at home you can smell, taste and feel, for the thick texture (body) of coffee. With a little knowledge of the exercise terms, creating a sense of taste and feeling another small coffee can be evaluated as a professional. In this process, samples or feel the first step is to take notice. To record information you should know the following basic concepts and how to use, and this is what we discussed here.

A. Aroma: The first condition of growth and, perhaps, strong taste or smell of coffee. For fans of authentic espresso flavor is pleasant to drink. They feel very influenced by the sense of smell and complexity of coffee (blend of flavor nuances of fruit and nut, or chocolate flavors soil) held by the smell of coffee. Test the smell through the nose holes in the mouth and nose, such as coffee goes in the mouth before swallowing.

Two. Body: weight or thickness in a good way to describe the organization. Another way to explain the difference between whole milk fat, and grease two percent. Coffee is not the case can be quite severe, but the effect is similar. It is also likely to feel the texture or taste of the courage that comes from suspended solids and oil extracted from the coffee brewing process.

Three. Heartburn: Many think bitter about acidity, but it is really two separate functions. Heartburn is a very reasonable amount. Often described as a bright light and still feels dry after taste and stop swallowing. Acidity in coffee can vary from flat to down a drink (quicker) on the other side is too big for the stage of being sour (bad). Because the acidity level, all work can be more subjective and personal choice.

Four. After Taste: taste known as "Finish" delicious and sustainable. Signs of good coffee is bad good taste held for no change in the way that negative emotions.

This is the espresso machine and the basic conditions that must be used during the (re) process the purchase. It is by spending time with other words and descriptions that include the process of taking notes so that comparisons can be made. Now, with this information, the brewer to make the profile of your choice, or combine to create the perfect cup of coffee or espresso clear.

The next step now that the rule base is discussed in the treatment of minerals. I recommend everyone who loves coffee or tea to find and attend some classes at the community level as anyone roasters. types of information, social and sometimes even free, and enjoy coffee flavor. Be sure to thank the sponsors and the burners to provide this service because it is accurate, services usted. golygiadau


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